Great Ocean Road

G’day from The Grampians National Park. Okay I’m actually not there anymore. When I started typing this out I was, but the lack of WiFi and power made the process come to a hault. Anyways, I’m unfortunately back in the city where I finally have WiFi and a fully charged laptop!

Okay let me take you back to, I believe, the middle of last week (6th February). After exploring Philip Island, we headed west to Great Ocean Road.  One word: amazing!  It is breath-taking and gorgeous.  On one side of the road you have crystal blue seas that stretch out as far as you can see and on the other you have huge green mountains that are incredibly tall.  The roads twist around the landscape and provides great lookouts where you must take full advantage to snap some pictures. 

Before we made it all the way around to that route we headed to Flinders in search of a rock pool we saw on Instagram.  It looked so cool we thought we had to check it out.  We made it to Flinders and had to do a long ass trek to make our way down to the beach.  After seeing our first huntsman the day before we were on high alert as the path down to the beach was so overcrowded and I’m sure full of the ‘fast jumpy lil buggers’.  The beach was beautiful and the setting looked as if it were from a film.  It was unreal.  Long story short we trekked for ages and never managed to find the rock pool.  Fail.  I guess it wasn’t really a waste of time, the views were sweet and the hike was an absolute workout. 

If you ever head near Flinders you should also check out St Andrews beach which was stunning and perfect for surfing.  There is a really cute lil town called Sorrento nearby.  They have an ice cream place called Mubble, Instagram. The strawberry sorbet there is so good and you get loads, definitely worth the $6 (which is super cheap for Oz)!  Also, the sea there is pretty warm and clear so definitely worth a dip.

Our first stop along Great Ocean Road was Torquay, a surfing town.  The beach there was super long and not overly busy which is something we found from most of the beaches along the road.  Secluded beaches are the best.  We spent the most time in Lorne which is a cute lil town beside the beach. There’s plenty of bars and restaurants and a long white beach perfect for swimming and surfing. The sunset was spent in the sea watching the waves and the sky turn dark. As we were ‘roughing it’ we had to shower in one of those outdoor showers you get by the beach. Basically everyone can see you wash your hair whilst you scream because the water is so cold. About 15/20 minutes out of Lorne you can visit Erskine Falls. It’s a pretty spot and you can either trek up to get a high view of the waterfall or trek down to see the waterfall in all its glory. We were hoping you could swim at the bottom of the waterfall but you’re not able to and I’m glad because the water is pretty filthy. A cute wee spot though and perfect for a photoshoot. When I get around to it I will post more pictures of my Erskine Falls “photoshoot” on my Instagram.

Also the drive up to Erskine Falls is awesome and you’re constantly going uphill so the views around the trees is something else!

Not far from Lorne there is a small village called Kennett River. It is a must go if you’re travelling along this route. It is the perfect place to spot Koalas however it is hard to find one as there is few of them and the trees are really tall. A tip would be look out for the people on the ground, if they’re pointing and taking pictures of the trees you know for sure they have seen a Koala. That’s the lazy way around it – perfect for me!

Cape Otway provides so many scenic lookouts and twisty road journeys. There’s also a lot of bush walks you can do. I didn’t do any, I think I was pretty exhausted that day. You don’t get the best nights sleep in a tent with nothing to lie on apart from the hard, bumpy ground! I have no idea how I survived sleeping like that for almost 2 weeks. I assure you I could now sleep for days!! Anyways back to Cape Otway, there’s also a lighthouse you can drive to however you have to pay to get in and as we were on a tight budget we didn’t want to waste our money. Food was more a priority for us plus everything else that is scenic and famous of the Great Ocean Road is free so not seeing one lighthouse is no big deal.

Just before Port Campbell is where you will find the famous Twelve Apostles. I suggest getting there later on in the day, maybe around 8/8.30pm as most of the tourists will be gone and I think the sunset would make for an amazing shot. We planned to do it this way but ended up there about 6.30pm when there was still a lot of tour buses there. It’s also extremely windy there! Still, I have some amazing pictures thanks to Liam (my road trip partner)’s camera. Follow him on: Instagram for more pictures of our roadtrip.

So the Twelve Apostles was our last stop of Great Ocean Road. From there we headed north into the outback and up to the Grampians National Park which was probably our favourite place to visit during the road trip!

A quick tip if you are planning on doing a road trip around different parts of Australia and want to camp in free areas I highly recommend using an app called Aircamp. It helped us out so much regarding where the best free campgrounds were near us. You can also use a filter so you can find ones that have toilets, bbq areas, swimming etc. It’s super handy and people leave reviews of the camps they’ve been to which helped us even more when deciding which camp best suit what we were looking for. A campsite we visited twice was just outside Lorne called: Allenvale Mill Campground. We liked it because there would be 2 kangaroos chilling there and you can go close to them and it’s just super cute!

If you don’t mind spending $10 per person per night for a campsite then there was one with HOT showers and flushing toilets. I highlight the word HOT because that’s quite rare and honestly amazing when you haven’t had a decent shower in a couple of days. It’s just outside Port Campbell and is called Brucknell Park, the guy who owns it has a huge bus converted into a living space and it’s very smart. Oh, I also saw the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in the ladies toilets so beware if you go there. Or anywhere to be honest…

Okay, I feel like I need to shut up and tie things up now. I’m super tired and finally have an actual bed to sleep in! Note, it’s only 6pm and I really shouldn’t nap but I’ll do it anyway because that’s just me. So yeah,

  • Great Ocean Road is awesome – you should do it 100% if you’re near there.
  • Use Aircamp if you want to find the perfect FREE campground for somewhere to crash.
  • Check out Erskine falls for a cool waterfall and cute lil walk.
  • Stop at Kennett River and spot the koalas and remember if you’re lazy just look out for the people on the ground!




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