Grampians National Park

I write this during my last couple days in Melbourne. It’s been a super busy past two weeks and I am shattered! However I don’t have long to rest as I am flying to Tasmania for a couple days this Monday. I’m looking forward to seeing somewhere new. I’m bored of the city now. It’s awesome but I can’t spend anymore time here, I need to move on. After Tasmania I plan to go to Adelaide for only a few days and then end up in Perth where I plan to get a job and spend a few months as well as see my lil bro. The job searching isn’t going too well at the moment and it is stressing me out. I’m also not looking forward to Liam leaving, I’m worried I will have lost the ‘independent woman mojo’ I had going on before he got here and I’m also not too keen on being on my lonesome again.

Anyways! The Grampians National Park holds a special place in my heart. I loved it there. The mountains are incredible and the national park is huge! The drive towards the park was amazing and you could see the Grampian mountains from miles away.

Using the Aircamp app we found a camp that was right up our street with working toilets (although they were ‘long drop loos’, look them up) and bbq areas which is ideal for us as we didn’t have a gas stove with us. It’s also FREE. The campsite was just outside the national park and was close to this cute lil town called Halls Gap. It is adorable and has lots to do there. We went there frequently to watch the parrots steal peoples food; look at the lil kangaroo families; have ‘sink showers’ which happened way to often; and swim in the outdoor pool which only happened once but it was so much fun and meant we could have a HOT shower.

The campground was called Lake Crosbie and most days you will find kangaroos chilling in the sun there and eating the grass. They let you go close to them which was scary at first but I loved it. You can also see a few Kookaburras, again like the roos they let you get pretty close. We ended up staying at this campground for three nights because we loved it so much. Also there’s a lot to see around that area: lakes, mountains, wildlife. We also weren’t up for anymore long drives as we’d done a lot the days previous. It was time for a well needed chill out which we took full advantage of. We used the BBQ areas every night, the weekdays saw the campsites pretty empty so that’s probably the best time to go to them. Our nights were chilled: eating food we cooked on the BBQ, drinking too many boxes of wine (I honestly think they lie about how much wine is in the box, noway is there four and a half bottles?! Conspiracy theory!) and looking up at the clear skies. The night skies in Australia are beautiful especially in the middle of nowhere, you can see hundreds of stars so clearly and you see shooting stars almost every time you look up. Also there is a huge field only 5 minutes from the campground which is full of roos and emus living in perfect harmony. So cute!

On the first night in the camp I ran full force into a wire fence. It was one of those situations where I super embarrassed myself in front of people and had to pretend it was funny and not sore at all even though I was in such pain. So I laughed it off whilst fighting back tears because, oh my god, it hurt so bad. I didn’t even see the wire it was so dark and I pure flipped upside down on it. I kinda wish someone had filmed it because it probably was pretty funny. Anyways the next morning I woke up very sore and the bruise was huge and increased in pain throughout the week. I still have it and it’s been almost two weeks now!

The morning after the fateful accident
A couple days after the fateful accident

I don’t think the pictures do the bruise justice. It started off super dark with a huge lump. Anyways back to the Grampians, there’s loads of lookouts that you have to drive to or trek up to. The main ones are the Reed Lookout, Pinnacle Lookout and Boroka Lookout. We went to the Reed and Boroka lookouts. The views are awesome, however they would have been better in clearer weather.

Along the main road up to these Grampians lookouts there are many small off road tracks that lead to other less well known lookout points. We came across one called Lake Wartook Lookout overlooking one of the various lakes located within the national park. I can’t remember the exact amount of kilometres to the lookout but it’s maybe about 10/15 minutes to it. You have to walk over rocks that are different sizes. There are arrows showing you the correct way to go so you don’t get lost in and amongst the bush. The lookout is located on a tall rock you have to climb, the view is stunning.

Remember when I said that you follow the arrows? Well we went down the rock in the wrong direction. I have no idea how we managed that. We were lost for what felt like an hour but managed to find our way back to the road where we left the car. Thank goodness for Apple maps! So just a lil tip if you do go to that lookout, make sure you go down the rock at the lookout the direction you went up it. If not you’ll end up in the middle of the bush completely lost. Make sure you take your phone with you to access your map – just incase!

The Grampians have more to offer – not just the lookouts and lakes. There is a huge waterfall called MacKenzie Falls another place you should venture to within the national park. There are two different walks you can do at the falls: the easy walk or the more difficult walk. I couldn’t hack the difficult one which sees you trekking down over 200 steps to the bottom of the waterfall and then having to trek back up them. I wasn’t feeling too good that day and my leg hurt a lot after my lil accident so would have definitely passed out on the way back up. The less difficult walk is longer but takes you to the opposite side of the waterfall providing you with a great full length view of the waterfall in all its glory.

I think the Grampians National Park is a less known treasure. I almost preferred it to Great Ocean Road. What I loved the most about the Grampians was that it wasn’t nearly as busy as Great Ocean Road and equally as beautiful and provides you with more opportunities to see the aussie wildlife. I definitely think it should be spoken about more frequently as it truly is a wonderful place to explore. So if you ever find yourself in that part of Victoria please check it out! You won’t regret it and you will be given loads of wonderful memories that you will never forget! I know I will never forget the things I saw and experienced in this beautiful small part of the world.

The Grampians – I love you! Thanks for the memories!




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