Tasmania and Adelaide

This week has been a whirlwind of emotions. It started with Liam flying home making me jealous because I miss home – a lot! To me then feeling extremely stressed out and in doubts over my future in Australia due to my depleting funds. To then hitting rock bottom and having a cry in the shower. To finally feeling slightly happier and eventually back to normal ish.

Also I’m sorry in advance for how long this post is! Oops.

My first stop on my lil trip before hitting Perth was Tasmania. I’d been told Tasmania was gorgeous and a country to check out! I definitely wasn’t there long enough. I think if you want to receive a true Tasmanian experience you have to spend at least two weeks there as well as renting a car for easy travel around the island. Another reason why I must get my drivers license when back home – roadtrips!

I only had two days there so never had the chance to venture out of Hobart. As I was flying into Hobart I had a great view of the island as a whole. It looks extremely exotic. I still find it surreal seeing these places I’ve only ever seen in pictures. The many islands around the mainland look amazing with their white sandy beaches and green foliage islands. I was very excited to explore Hobart and the surrounding area. My mind wasn’t fully up to it for my entire time in Hobart which was extremely annoying. However I persevered and tried to get on with things. I trekked up Mount Wellington which was very strenuous. The walk is all uphill and in total lasts for almost six hours so if you love trekking amongst the forest and don’t mind constantly walking uphill you should do it! If you, like me, aren’t the fittest and an uphill walk for hours is not exactly your idea of fun then you should drive up. I never had this option so just had to get on with it. I didn’t manage it right to the top but found a lookout which provided myself with a great view of the island. It wasn’t a 360 degree view but it was still awesome and photo worthy.

There are many different paths you can take to get up to Mount Wellington. I first walked along the Springs pathway which lead to this cute small waterfall before tackling the path up to the Pinnacle.

I stayed in a hostel called The Pickled Frog. The hostel is located in the town of Hobart and is close to shops and bus stops. It is rated the best hostel in Hobart according to their page on HostelWorld. I found it okay. My room was quite untidy and it seemed as if the people sharing with me lived there. The rest of the hostel was nice and clean and there are cool paintings on the walls. The whole outside of the building is green like Kermit the Frog. It was worth the money I paid and the staff I spoke to were nice and helped me to plan my trip to Mount Wellington. There are other hostels in Hobart. You can view and compare them all easily on the HostelWorld app where you can view pictures of the hostels, see what each hostel provides and read reviews other people have left regarding their stay at the hostel. If you’re wanting to stay in hostels whilst travelling I recommend you get this app.

I took a long walk around Hobart along the water. There’s a harbour which provides nice views of the island across the water. If you continue walking along the water you will get to Princes Park which was cute and peaceful, away from the busy main roads.

The sunset was beautiful, just like most places in Australia. I can’t get enough of the sunsets. It’s probably my favourite time of day and my favourite time to take pictures. There did seem to be quite a few dodgy people in the middle of the town so do keep your wits about you when walking around.

During my very short time in Tasmania, I didn’t see nearly enough things and I never saw a Tasmanian Devil which I was super upset about because they are adorable! I saw baby ones at Taronga Zoo, Sydney and they looked and acted like puppies, reminding me of my gorgeous lil puppy, Kasper, back home!


Before getting to Adelaide I had an 8 hour stop over in Melbourne. A lot happened within those few hours before my bus: I reminisced about my time in Melbourne, read more of this horror story called Wake, and, oh yeah most importantly – got a job! Yes, that’s right I have finally secured myself a job! I managed to escape the awful anxiety ridden ditch I was in the few days previous. Finally I can breathe and not feel scared about my funds. I will tell you more about the job in a future post but I am so excited to settle down and make some money to put towards my east coast trip!

The bus to adelaide lasted 10 hours overnight. It was an uncomfortable but cheap way of getting there. The bus had usb points to charge your phone etc and had wifi onboard. The wifi was pants though! Not good at all. I had to use my data which was annoying. I watched a couple YouTube videos starring Shane Dawson, James Charles, The Dolan Twins and Jeffree Star. Please don’t judge me on my choice of YouTuber! Anyways, I was provided with some entertainment in the form of a woman sitting opposite me who was constantly talking out loud and angrily shouting whenever a baby would cry or the bus driver would stop the bus. It got a bit annoying but did provide me with a couple of laughs. I arrived in Adelaide at the bright and early time of 6AM. Luckily, I was staying with a friend of my aunts so I didn’t have to fork out any money for hostels and had a double bed all to myself. The first thing I did when I got to her home? Sleep. I slept for hours, it was delightful. I woke up nice and fresh and ready to explore the area near her house. I was also reunited with the sun and warmth. I hadn’t seen the sun in a while. I have also been given the company of a dog! It is such a cutie and is named Bon Jovi, after Bon Jovi I think?! I got to look after him for a bit whilst the woman I’m staying with worked. He made great company. He also has some confidence and braveness about him. He squared up to a fully grown Rottweiler. I was shook!

Bon Jovi

The Fringe Festival was happening whilst I was in Adelaide. It’s basically the twin of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival apart from there’s more grass, more sun, more heat and you can smell weed all around the area. There was drag queens advertising their show everywhere and they looked amazing. A lot better than me!

My first impressions of Adelaide as I wandered around with Bon Jovi are that it is much more chilled and easy going when compared with Sydney. It has this nice buzz about it and everyone is busy doing something may it be chilling in the sun, skateboarding or drinking outside at the many pubs Adelaide has to offer. No joke there are at least five pubs in most streets. So if you’re fond of the occasional drink then Adelaide can offer you plenty drinking locations.

It also has some of the prettiest streets with even prettier and luxurious houses. The houses I’ve seen look incredible with their tall gates and bush fences. I can imagine the interior to match the outside – a dream!

On my last full day in Adelaide I was taken to an animal wildlife park up in the hills at the edge of Adelaide called Cleland Wildlife Park. At the park you are able to feed and pet Kangaroos, Wombats and Koalas. If you love and are interested in animals you must check it out! I had the BEST time. Oh my lord, I almost cried. I LOVE kangaroos. I got to feed and walk beside so many of them. I fed a mumma and baby roo, they held my hand whilst eating! I always thought kangaroos were so cute and loved them every since watching Winnie the Pooh with lil Roo and now I get to see them and feed them in their actual country. I love it! I’m so happy.

Please check out this wildlife park! There are so many different types of animals there and they all seem so chill and happy. I hate animals being trapped in cages but I was so happy to see the amount of space the animals have to move around freely and as they please. They seem very well looked after which I was glad to see.

Also the view you get of Adelaide from the park and on the drive up is amazing!

Not far from the sanctuary there are a few cute lil villages. There’s one called Stirling where we had lunch at ‘The Organic Market and Cafe’ and yes all the food is organic and there are vegan options for all dishes. I had the avocado and salsa Bruschetta – so good!

Not far from Stirling is a village called Hahndorf which is a German village. It’s pretty and very busy. Worth a visit if you’re in the area but it is very touristy so be prepared for slow walkers and a lack of parking spaces. It does have an interesting art gallery full of aboriginal artwork which I’d never seen before so it was cool to check it out. I think my favourite part of the day was seeing the animals. Obviously.

They sold Irn Bru here. SCOTLAND, I MISS YA!

Adelaide is super cute and I understand why people love it so much. I would like to come back here at some point but I’m not sure if it will fit into my plans.

Also can you give me a heads up if the videos I’ve used in this post and my previous ones work? If they don’t I may cry.

I’m now on my way to my last stop for a couple months – Perth, WA. I’m super excited to see my brother and his girlfriend, it’s coming up to 5 months since I last saw them. We have quite a few lil day trips planned, the main one being Rottnest Island which I am really excited for. I can’t wait to see the Quokkas and snorkel. All my experiences will be put into the next blog post I can promise you that! It will be my last load of fun before I settle down and work hard for 3 months. I hope it all goes well.




4 thoughts on “Tasmania and Adelaide

  1. Ruthy Roo! Finally came on like a total creep and just read your whole blog. One word – amazing!!!
    Can’t believe how much you’ve seen and done already. Reading your adventures make me feel like I’m there with you. Sounds like you have been having the best time of your life. Could actually feel the emotions when you’re describing having to say bye to Liam, feeling homesick etc but then again when you get an amazing turnaround like a job and new adventures in Perth! Emotional rollercoaster or what!? Hope your next stop is loads of fun and you get to hang with your bro who better have brought hard copies of Kasper’s photoshoots for you to pin up by your bed. Say ‘Hi’ to all the cute kangaroos and animals you get to cuddle too. Missing your big, stupid face too.
    Also,when are you starting your channel? I would totally like,comment and subscribe!!Bye sisters!!!
    Lots of love, from Clarinda xxx


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