Reunions in Perth

Oh boy, it’s been a while since I last posted huh? It’s been a busy past three weeks and I’m now into my third week at work. Only 2 and a half months left. Maybe.. It’s going well so far and I’m loving not living out of a backpack. I have my own DOUBLE bed! No more bunk beds.

Last you heard of me I was leaving Adelaide and heading to Perth. I was so excited to see a new place but I wasn’t that impressed about Perth city. I planned on staying in a hostel in Highgate for most of my week there but left after one night. The hostel was nice, but the girl I was sharing with was, umm, not fun to be around and clearly didn’t care for who she was sharing with. Also, the people around that area were pretty scary and I felt very uncomfortable being there by myself. Luckily I was saved by my brother and his girlfriend who picked me up from a McDonalds where half an hour earlier I was started on by a homeless person because I was apparently staring at her and her two older guy friends. Anyways, I was reunited with my brother which was awesome and what made it even better was that there was the cutest dog at the house I was staying at.

It was great catching up and being around people from home. It was such a fun week and I saw and did a lot of cool things. I also ticked a few things off the bucket list.

We did things everyday, may they be small trips into the city; the towns around the area; the beach or day trips to wildlife parks and islands. What I loved was how there were beaches for dogs, back in Sydney you’re not allowed to take dogs with you to the beach which is a shame but it’s a law that state has so.. However in Perth we could take the dog – Jocky – to the beach (South Beach) with us which was cute. There were loads of dogs playing and swimming. My brother and I went snorkelling which I now love. However the water wasn’t super clear there I still saw a couple fish swimming around, they were only small, white ones but it was cool nonetheless.

My favourite trips we made during the week were the trip to Caversham Wildlife Park and Rottnest Island. Firstly, Caversham was great and gave you loads of opportunities to hold and see all these cool animals. I got to feed kangaroos again something I have already done when in Adelaide Tasmania and Adelaide post but absolutely had NO problem doing again in Perth. We found out that the white kangaroos were originally red but turned white and will go back to red at some point. The park is really informative and has meet and greets or little shows every hour. We went to a few which allowed us to hold snakes, get pictures with wombats and koalas, and see other cool animals and birds. It was good to see the animals were looked after well and the keepers were all friendly and full of information. It was a fun day and we laughed a lot.

Secondly, the other day trip we did was to Rottnest Island which was a great day out and gave us loads of photo opportunities of the island, the seas, the beaches, the lakes, and more importantly the famous Quokkas. The boat over was very choppy, my brother was grumpy and felt sick on the ride over. His girlfriend and I couldn’t stop laughing although I’m not actually sure what we were laughing about. I don’t usually get sea sick but I did feel it a bit the closer we got to the island, it felt as though I was suffering from a hangover. We made it to the island in one piece and it was nice to be reunited with the ground. The hangover feeling stayed with me for a while after. When we got to the island we had to go pick our bikes and helmets. I got made fun of because I chose – in my opinion – the coolest helmet that was on offer however my brother didn’t agree. It looked like the blue Bionicle (do you remember them?) so obviously it was the coolest?! Let me know what you think of my helmet: a fashion statement or trash?

We found out Chris Hemsworth was there a couple of weeks ago, it would have been so crazy if we saw him when we were there because he’s funny, sexy and THOR. Moving on… Our tickets for the island were part of a package and included bikes which I would recommend you do if you don’t have a bike to take with you. Although bear in mind there are a lot of hills all over the island which was a bit annoying and strenuous but it was worth it as you got to see more of the island than you would have if just walking. It is a huge island, bigger than I thought. There are buses and tours you can go on but at an added cost. I went snorkelling at a beach called The Basin, one of many beaches you will find there. The best thing about these beaches are that most of them are quiet and you have loads of space to chill out. The water here was so clear and was great for snorkelling I got some good shots of us in the water and a couple of videos of the fish and the sea floor. The fish I saw at Rottnest were the same as the ones I saw at South Beach but there were loads of them. Further along the island there is a shipwreck where you can snorkel unfortunately the day we went it was choppy and too dangerous to go and check it out, which sucked but safety first. So if you go and love snorkelling be sure to check this out! I hope the water will be safe enough for you.

Before we went we heard about Quokkas being the happiest animals in the world with their constant smiling. I can tell you, this is true. They were smiling for the camera and were just the cutest rodent looking animals I have ever seen. They were also really friendly and weren’t scared of us at all allowing us to get some good shots and selfies with them.

There is loads to do and see on the island – something for all! You get a map on arrival which tells you bus and tour routes, the best routes for bike riders, where you can get the best snorkelling spots and places to buy gifts and eat. It’s a great day out and provides great experiences you won’t forget. It’s 100% worth the money.

So yeah, my short time in Perth started off shit but ended up great. The places along the coast and further out of the city were, in my opinion, better than the city. Although, the city does have pretty alleyways and it is nice along the river. We saw loads of jellyfish along Elizabeth Quay and all along the walk beside the river. Also, something we stumbled upon – Heirisson Island – a great spot to see kangaroos, something you wouldn’t expect so close to the city centre. It’s a small island on the water between the city centre and south Perth. There is a kind of sanctuary where some kangaroos chill out. We only saw two and it is a very bush like island so beware of snakes. On a hot day it isn’t so great as there isn’t much coverage whilst walking along the island but worth it to see wild kangaroos.

I will give you a current update on what I have been up to in Cunderdin – working. I work 50+ hours but I’m really enjoying it. The people are friendly and we all have a laugh. The town is small but I like it. There’s a pool and so many dogs. On my walk to work there are these two dogs that will run down the driveway just to see me, it makes my day along with seeing the boss’s dog Tyson every morning. There has been the odd drama at work but I’ve not been included in any, I hope it stays this way. I will try not to leave it too long until my next post but I can’t promise anything, I think I’m still adjusting to the long days but I think I’m getting better at it…




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