Half a year in OZ

I’ve been in Australia for over HALF A YEAR now and I’m loving it.  It still feels not that long ago since I was saving for this trip.  I’m still working away in Cunderdin and still loving it.  It feels great waking up everyday happy and although it is now winter here and freezing it’s great to wake up to constant sunshine and knowing that I get to see my favourite aussie people most days.

At the moment I have no plans on coming home permanently.  I’m enjoying myself too much and I’ve decided to go for my second-year visa.  In Cunderdin I’ve found my own wee aussie family and I found them all on my own and they are amazing.  Friends – however they feel more like sisters – for life.  I miss everyone back home of course and have regular drama catch ups with my girls, video calls with the fam (mainly to see my GORGEOUS and not so little puppy, kidding!!)

as well as the classic Connor and Ruth chats about all things Marvel and memories; that all definitely help fight homesickness.  I have moments where I wish I was able to teleport myself back home occasionally, to spend actual time with them all instead of it being all online but unfortunately, I haven’t equipped that skill just yet.  Being on the opposite side of the world makes me appreciate everyone in my life a lot more as well as knowing who to remove from your life.  Toxic people are not to be kept a hold of!

So, let me provide you with some info on what I’ve been up to for the past couple months.  The girls I started this Cunderdin experience with have left me and moved on to other things.  That is one of the bittersweet moments I’ve experienced too often during my time in Australia: the getting to know people and having all these memorable moments with them to then having them no longer around you – it sucks. 

What else? Oh yes, I’m now a manager. Yes, a manager. I think I’m doing a good job. My confidence or as some people like to say “your balls” are/is growing. The power to cut someone off or kick someone out is a strange feeling but it brings slight joy to myself, especially when the person is a DICK. No but seriously, I’m really enjoying my job at the moment and I’m having a great time with everyone I work with and enjoying the company of most customers.

(pictures to follow)

I’ve also been learning how to drive, and you know what?  I think I’m quite good at it.  I’ve never actually driven on busy roads, but I’ve driven on the quiet country roads and in the paddocks at the farm.  I’ve only almost crashed into a tractor once and almost driven into a ditch a handful of times, so I think I’m doing pretty darn well.  A special shout out to Tchae, my lovely, encouraging, amazing friend/sister from the Cunderdin Pub who has opened herself to possible injury in taking me out and teaching me how to drive every week.  You are a QUEEN.  It just sucks that I can’t get a driving license whilst over here because I’m not a citizen but when I’m back home I know, for sure, my parents are going to be very surprised but also impressed by my driving skills and I WILL be getting my license.

I’ve been slowly emerging myself into aussie country life. I’ve been attending sporting events and I experienced my first aussie “football” game last weekend. My favourite thing about aussie football is probably the tiny shorts the guys wear and the odd wee scraps the guys have on the pitch. No but seriously, I’m learning the rules of this sport and it looks rough, you’ve clearly got to have some balls to play this sport. The other day I saw a kangaroo and a roo, my first sighting of classic aussie wildlife since moving to the country. On a good day I’ll see and play with at least 7 of the pub’s family dogs – they’re the better days in Cunderdin. My number 1 is Tyson, always and forever.

I haven’t made many future plans; I know that I will definitely be in Cunderdin until August.  I think I will probably spend more time here than that though.  I will just play it by ear.  I have been looking into taking a few short trips whilst still living here.  I plan on going north and exploring more of Western Australia.  I want to remain more in the country and avoid cities because I’m not a huge fan of them.  I like the chilled vibes you get in the country as well as seeing the stars on a clear night – one of my favourite things about Cunderdin.  I feel incredibly lucky to have come across such a wonderful, accepting, caring, hilarious group of people who I get to spend most of my days with.  In the whole of Australia, I found this tiny country town which has become a home away from home, how incredibly fortunate is that?


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